Sunday, 14 June 2009

The Sexual Paradox?

I haven't even finished this book yet BUT I am STILL recommending it. Weird eh? Well maybe I am just uber interested in this subject, and perhaps you will be too. Women are smarter than men? Not true, but we are less extreme in our IQ ranges and abilities. The majority of women stay within a range of intelligence, while men are at extremes: genius or idiot. So what? Right? Well, this book goes onto explain how women, who are more prevalent at university and excel more at school than men, don't necessarily get the best jobs or certainly don't get paid as well as our male counterparts. Men are much more likely to have dyslexia, ADD and other learning disabilities, but in the end, they seem to overcome their shortfalls and find successful careers. Why? If women have such a head start/advantage, why do we manage to fall behind or to not become as successful or wealthy? Technically there are more female graduates of medical school and law school nowadays. Women are also more advanced in the languages, with superior writing and reading skills vs men throughout life. Do we not have what it takes to get to the finish line? Do we choose careers that aren't as money centric or as challenging?

Your guess is as good as mine..I am not done the book yet. Regardless of the answer, this book is well worth the read to find out more about yourself and the possible gender gap.

Put me in Your Suitcase...Munchen

Germany is a country known for its beer, sausages and pretzels. What better place to experience all three than in Munich. I was pleasantly surprised at how laidback a city Munich is. Though there may not be as many breathtaking sights at Vienna, or as much innovation as Berlin, Munich takes pride in being..well..itself. Whether you are having a beer with randoms in the famous crowded Hofbrauhaus, or watching young boys surf the small waves in Englischer Garten, one can't help but be roped into the Bavarian lifestyle. Two days is all you need to experience all this city has to are some highlights:

1. Englischer Garten - Bigger than Central Park and definitely more entertaining, Germans enjoy relaxing in this massive green space just north of the main tourist area. It is not unusual to see people kayaking, rafting or surfing the small waterways that cross this park. Also not out of place: nudity, in certain sextions..I mean..sections.

2. Hofbrauhaus - or really any brew house. Live it and Love it. Pretzels, Schnitzel and plenty of good beer. After one or two, the massive stein is almost unliftable :)

3. BMW Museum and Olympic Tower - located across the street from eachother, these two sights are not to be missed. Germans are known for beer and cars. The BMW Museum and BMW World do not disappoint. Neither do the views from Olympic tower. Spend a morning at both of these sights to get the real feel of German innovation.

Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Angry Annie...the workberry

Blackberrys, Crackberrys, heck, even IPhones are a bit much these days. They can be a lot of fun..with email, applications, ringtones. Nothing like a good old game of brick breaker when you are waiting around for a client or a phone call. The novelty wears off though when the Workberry comes to town.

I mean, do you really want to know what your colleagues are having for dinner? After a zillion BBMs from you...our work relationship has been exhausted beyond a casual friendship. I rather not know, what I already know. You answered my last BBM while on the toilet. I saw you go down the hall to the bathroom...well you get my drift.

Now that we are all hooked in..(you know..because you have to take the workberry with the fun of a typical blackberry) can we say no? When can we turn you off? If I stop answering my boss' messages after hours, I don't look as eager or dedicated as the colleague that did answer that 10pm email. When does it stop? I might as well be chained to my desk (aka my car, as a sales rep), these days with this workberry. Those two words shouldn't even be in the same sentence. Work=not fun, berry = yummy or good. Ok, clearly this anger is getting to me.

Obama has a blackberry...does he get to turn his off?

For all the time I spend on my workberry these days, I don't think I am getting anymore smart, productive or efficient. I could have spent the last week writing an etiquette book explaining rules on the workberry and when it is truly ok to POWER OFF.
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