Sunday, 24 August 2008

Recipes Jo Momma never told you about…

Humus is a great substitute to those fatty veggie dips (check out the nutritional value here). Try it with chopped peppers, carrots, snow peas and tomatoes. Makes for a great work snack.

Easy Humus:
1 can of chickpeas (drained)
1/2 - 1 lemons (depending on taste – I prefer 1 whole lemon
3/4 tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil (roughly)
1 tablespoon of water
Sprinkle of salt and pepper to taste
Dash of paprika
1/2 a garlic clove

Mix everything together w/ a handheld blender till smooth. Serve with an extra dash of olive oil and paprika.


Mix things up a bit by adding your favourite peppers to the mix – cut and clean peppers then place them in the oven for about 5mins. Once done, remove the skin and add to the above ingredients.


For more humus joy check out this dedicated blog. Be aware that the user is from Jerusalem and therefore uses an online translator for its posts leaving some mistakes however there’s still loads of great info available

Is Ageism the new Racism? A Rant

Being a 25 year old blonde female in a professional role has its advantages. However, it also comes with many disadvantages. As much as racism is still prevalent in our society, a larger prejudice is starting to dominate the workforce: Ageism. If I had to choose between a young new doctor fresh out of medical school, or an older experienced doctor, three years from retirement, I would choose option one. Why? Because being fresh out of school means you are sharper, more eager and more attentive. Granted, the older physician does have years of experience to depend on. However, in our society experience is not necessarily the key to success. Not many of my friends have been successful in finding a worthwhile occupation, even though they are 3 years out of university. No…. they are not lazy or na├»ve. Rather, they are ambitious, efficient and very creative. Yet they spend hours in front of a computer, pretending to do work as they surf the internet. They are punished for doing work a lot quicker than their experienced counterparts. They also have to constantly prove themselves to their bosses or clients. It took me six months of regular visits with my clients in order for them to realize that yes, I do have half a brain and I will be just as competent, if not more so, than my 50 year old colleague. Welcome to 2008, university graduates are used to managing their time well, partying just as hard as they work and working only when they have to. We are called the lazy generation. Ok, us lazy. I have many friends that are bored in their job..working endless hours, completing meaningless tasks. They long for a job with real responsibility, real ideas and real decisions. Can the sense of entitlement and jadedness kick in already?

I’d Rather Be...

On a beach working on my tan, drinking daiquiris and checking out the pool boys!

Angry Annie

This morning I was nearly knocked over by a gentleman (suit-wearing-number-talking-look-at-me-I’m-a-big-shot type) on the tube. I (innocently, of course) was leaning against the glass near the entrance reading (intently BTW as I’ve just started a great new book entitled Londonstani) when he rushed onto the train (because time is money people) and pushed my bag – which in my defense is not that big. In fact, I’ve downgraded substantially since I first arrived in London years ago – Honest! Anyway, he pushed my bag with such force it nearly knocked me over, sending my bag crashing down and me trying to maintain my balance. Of course he didn’t apology; I’m sure he was too busy writing an ‘important’ email to notice. At least I had my great book to go back to!

Lesson learned: Always bring a book, if not to read then to (at least) hide your embarassment.

You can thank me later,

Jessica xo

Roommate corner: You put the 'p' in Psycho

Dear Rhonda Roommate,

They say you don’t really know someone until you live with them. Well at least that’s what my Mom used to say. There is something about sharing 1000sq feet with you that brings out your worst characteristics. It is amazing how territorial you are and the lengths you will go to in order to prove a point (a petty point)

There are many kinds of roommates out are a combination of the territorial and passive-aggressive types. Constant mood swings and random comments make me wonder what I saw in you in the first place. It is hard to live with someone when they resent you and in some ways wish they had your life. Hello..can we say “Single White Female?” I have been lectured by you about how many vacations I have taken (2 since January) and how much money I spend. Two words: none of your business.

Friends are a lot of fun when you can do things with them all the time and they have money to go out on the town with you. Once we became roommates, I found out where this money comes from and what you are willing to spend it on. Suddenly, the girl who always had money for gin and tonics eats my groceries and doesn’t replace them. The pretzels were ok to steal…but did you really have to eat the chocolate cookie dough icecream? Once someone knows how much money you make, their sense of entitlement takes over. They feel that you have the money to spend; therefore you should be spending it on them or on their food or your mutual residence. God forbid they put in their share. After all, it’s not like I worked hard for my job. It’s not like I save up every month just like any other girl to buy a new purse or a pair of designer shoes (at Winners, of course!).

Is this jealousy? Resentment? Or just plain bitchiness? Should I feel guilty for my accomplishments or what I do and where I go? Because I don’t. All I feel is frustration. I do not have to justify my decisions to you. That is why I left my mother’s house. At least my mother’s insecurities weren’t so obvious. Maybe its time you got a new job and a new life. Then you wouldn’t be controlling my decisions. Oh and by the way, there is still some chocolate ice cream on your chin ;0

Love always,
Kristyn xo

Looking productive….when really you’re doing nothing!

We all get those days (hours), where you either don’t feel like doing any work or (honest to God) there’s just no work to be had. Yet we still ‘need’ to look productive. I have this problem fairly often as my industry fluctuates on a monthly basis…and let’s be honest I’m just way too efficient for my own good! Okay, moving away from my horn, and back to what I was saying, trying to look productive is not a problem with these 5 tips:

1. Improve your spelling while helping those less fortunate at For every word you get right 10 grains of rice is donated to The United Nations World Food Program.
**Warning this game is VERY addictive**

2. Write personal emails in your work email account (but don’t send them) then copy and paste and send through your personal email account. This gives the best ‘disguise’ of working.

3. Read Online magazines such as ours ;)

4. Plan your next trip – compare prices and deals online! That should keep you motivated for a while

5. Give your opinion – join online panels such as Survey Savvy, where you receive incentives for completing online surveys.

Have a better way of wasting time? Don’t keep it to yourself, its rude! Sharing is caring

Jessica xo