Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Angry Annie...the workberry

Blackberrys, Crackberrys, heck, even IPhones are a bit much these days. They can be a lot of fun..with email, applications, ringtones. Nothing like a good old game of brick breaker when you are waiting around for a client or a phone call. The novelty wears off though when the Workberry comes to town.

I mean, do you really want to know what your colleagues are having for dinner? After a zillion BBMs from you...our work relationship has been exhausted beyond a casual friendship. I rather not know, what I already know. You answered my last BBM while on the toilet. I saw you go down the hall to the bathroom...well you get my drift.

Now that we are all hooked in..(you know..because you have to take the workberry with the fun of a typical blackberry) can we say no? When can we turn you off? If I stop answering my boss' messages after hours, I don't look as eager or dedicated as the colleague that did answer that 10pm email. When does it stop? I might as well be chained to my desk (aka my car, as a sales rep), these days with this workberry. Those two words shouldn't even be in the same sentence. Work=not fun, berry = yummy or good. Ok, clearly this anger is getting to me.

Obama has a blackberry...does he get to turn his off?

For all the time I spend on my workberry these days, I don't think I am getting anymore smart, productive or efficient. I could have spent the last week writing an etiquette book explaining rules on the workberry and when it is truly ok to POWER OFF.
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