Sunday, 14 June 2009

The Sexual Paradox?

I haven't even finished this book yet BUT I am STILL recommending it. Weird eh? Well maybe I am just uber interested in this subject, and perhaps you will be too. Women are smarter than men? Not true, but we are less extreme in our IQ ranges and abilities. The majority of women stay within a range of intelligence, while men are at extremes: genius or idiot. So what? Right? Well, this book goes onto explain how women, who are more prevalent at university and excel more at school than men, don't necessarily get the best jobs or certainly don't get paid as well as our male counterparts. Men are much more likely to have dyslexia, ADD and other learning disabilities, but in the end, they seem to overcome their shortfalls and find successful careers. Why? If women have such a head start/advantage, why do we manage to fall behind or to not become as successful or wealthy? Technically there are more female graduates of medical school and law school nowadays. Women are also more advanced in the languages, with superior writing and reading skills vs men throughout life. Do we not have what it takes to get to the finish line? Do we choose careers that aren't as money centric or as challenging?

Your guess is as good as mine..I am not done the book yet. Regardless of the answer, this book is well worth the read to find out more about yourself and the possible gender gap.

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