Friday, 7 August 2009

Angry Annie: Customer Service Conversation Obligated?

It might just be because I’m not feeling my best but why are we made to feel like we need to be social during a customer service transaction such as a haircut or beauty treatment (bikini waxing – awkward!)? It’s one thing if you’ve built up a personal relationship w/ a particular individual who you see regularly (ie. personal trainer) but it’s quite different if you’re not bothered who performs the service. Last night I chopped off (some of) my lovely locks and couldn’t find it in me to make small talk. I usually do, don’t get me wrong but last night I just didn’t have the strength to do so….and for good reason, my throat is killing me. But why is it that I felt guilt for not WANTING to talk. Even though I was paying for a service, I felt like I should try to strike up a conversation. The longer I didn’t talk the more awkward I felt. My neighbor (50+ woman) didn’t find it difficult chatting to her (gay) stylist when, let’s be honest here, would they be chatting to one another under different circumstances? It was like watching long lost best mates being reunited. I could only assume my stylist would have likely swapped clients if given the chance. Am I wrong in feeling this way? I feel like I’ve missed the memo that says we must talk to anyone performing a service. What do you think? Am I just being an angry Annie or what?

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