Monday, 15 December 2008

Those are Somee Cards!

Photo Credit: NOTCOT

I love cards. In fact, they are my favorite part of every gift. Chances are, I already have your gift picked out, and I am just struggling over which card to buy. Sure, I can go to Hallmark or the Dollar Store and pick you up a sappy birthday card. Or even a funny one..tho I must wont be THAT funny. In the spirit of giving, and being green, I introduce Some e-cards

I know, I know, an e-card? Really?? Ok, you can STILL go out and get a REAL paper card for your next gift. But I promise you, it won’t be as thought provoking or hilarious as the cards you find on this site. In fact, they have cards for every, and I mean EVERY occasion.

Warning: This site is a TAD addictive and may just inspire you to send others cards for no reason. Awww how thoughtful!
Just be careful to double check who you are emailing the card to. After all, you don’t want this one going to your CEO.

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