Monday, 8 December 2008

When did ambition stop?

As kids we dreamed of being astronauts, inventors and actors. We were always trying to be better as we strived to get A’s, make the track team or score a part in the school play. We had wild imaginations, ambitious dreams and the desire to be whoever we wanted to be.

What happened? Did we finally wake up and realize our dreams were too unrealistic to be reached? Did we decide to give up on those aspirations? Or did we just settle into the humdrum boring day to day life that was comfortable and easy?

I ask because I don’t know. This past year I have been awfully restless, wondering what is the cause of my lack of ambition. I can’t think of the last time I set a goal and achieved it. Or the last time I learned something. When is the last time someone recognized you for something you accomplished? Not lately? Because you probably haven’t done anything except, eat, work, sleep and shop.

We fall into these routines trying to make ends meet without realizing we aren’t meeting any ends. What has changed since we were kids? We think we are busier. But are we? I was in school from 9-5 every day and I had swimming or some other sport twice a week and skiing on the weekends. I had crazy school projects that involved mapping out India or designing my own apartment. I had social obligations (sleepovers and birthday parties) as well as chores around the house. If I was able to watch 90210 (the old and better one) on Wednesdays, it was a good week.

I don’t think we are busier now, we just aren’t as motivated. We say we don’t have the time or energy. Yet we also lack the desire. The desire to learn a new sport. The desire to do well in a new subject. We are scared to step out of our comfort zone and accept that there are tons of things we could learn to do everyday.

When you ring in 2009 and you are looking for resolutions for the New Year. Sit down and make that list. You know…the list that you have had in your head since you were five years old. The list that included trips to Australia, knowing another language and owning a purple unicorn. Ok, maybe not the purple one. Start small and don’t put off tomorrow what you can start working on today. Give yourself the gift that kept you young and energetic, the gratification of accomplishing something.

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