Monday, 1 December 2008

Put Me In Your Closet….NOW

Talk of a recession and possibly a depression in the near future has caused us all to be a bit more frugal. Do we really need that new pair of shoes? Maybe we will wait for that cashmere sweater to go on sale. When looking through my closet this past weekend, I found some gaps in my wardrobe that I keep filling with similar items. Yet, I haven’t managed to get the STAPLES of my wardrobe in place. Here is a checklist of items that you should splurge on or save up to get within the next year. After all every girl needs….
  1. Yep you guessed it: A Little Black Dress. Nothing crazy or too sparkly. A simple elegant black dress that can be thrown on in 5 minutes for a cocktail party, worn underneath a blazer or jacket for a funeral or work function.
  2. A tailored Trenchcoat. Burberry? I don’t think so, at least not for me anyway. A nice fitted trenchcoat will take you from April – October or for Londoners like Jessica….pretty much all year long 
  3. 4 Belts (flashy, trashy, skinny and fat) - sorry you will have to use your imagination on this one ladies.
  4. A Long Light Knit Cardigan (black, beige or grey) to throw over a tank-top with jeans, to use as a shawl at a wedding, you get the drift.
  5. 3 Pairs of Boots (well four if you want!). One pair of long black/brown leather dress boats, knee high. One pair of casual boots and either a pair of flashy rubber rain boots or pair of slouchy ankle/low rider leather boots.
  6. A Full Length Wool Coat – white, red, black, brown or grey
  7. A Shorter Bomer Jacket - leather or suede
  8. 3 Scarves. Wooly and warm, sleek and sophisticated and one that looks like it came out of the Queen’s closet
  9. A Well Tailored Pair of Dress Pants. Grey or black
  10. 4-6 Casual Dress Tank-tops
  11. 2 Pairs of Jeans that make your ass look great. One light blue, the other dark
  12. 2 Blouses. One white shirt blouse (think male style) and one feminine blouse preferably with a bow tie neck)
  13. A Gold or Sliver Shimmery Sweater
Ok that’s a good start, if you are able to add a couple casual tops and a pair of cords/casual pants to the mix. By rotating through these items you’ll have enough clothes to last you months. Spend more on fewer items so they last longer and you can always give away/sell old clothes to make room for your staples.

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