Monday, 11 May 2009

Twitter...I barely knew her

What's the deal with Twitter anyway? I mean..where does it fit in? What is its real purpose? I joined Twitter about a month ago, like many people out there. I watched patiently as Ashton Kutcher battled Larry King for the most followers..and won (no surprise there). My question what?

People drop off Twitter as fast as they join. I guess most people realize there isn't a huge point to it. Besides the fun of updating your friends about your life in 140 characters, what else is there to it? Its no wonder people drop out..I have gotten pretty bored myself updating my followers on what I am doing. Is anyone even caring? reading?

At least with Facebook, there is a point. Not only can you update people, you can add friends, create events, share photos and creep to see what your crush is up to this weekend. I have yet to see any real merit in Twitter...even the name is dumb.

What are you up to? Not Twittering...I welcome any reasons to continue

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