Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Twitter…I LOVE her (?)!

So after reading my BFF’s post about Twitter being pointless (*gasp*) I decided to counterpost (rather than leave a comment) as I strongly believe in its benefits – both personally and professionally.

Where do I even begin? Let me give you an example of what I do in the mornings: press the snooze button (once or twice) before getting up, brush my teeth and take a shower. In between cleaning my ears, moisturizing, getting dressed, blow-drying my hair and applying make-up I check Twitter. It’s become part of my ‘routine’ if you will. Yes, I partially check it to see what my friends have been up to but I mostly check it for news and events happening that day. You see I don’t just follow friends or celebrities (for my gossip fix!), I follow News casts (@CNN, @CBCNews, @BBC, @NPR…and more are all present), industry based companies (I work in the movie industry so I follow industry giants - @Universal, @Paramount etc; entertainment news site – @aintitcool; platforms – @itunestrailers etc and different cinemas) and either projects or things I’m interested in (for example I enjoy cooking & food - @OliveMag, @innocentdrinks, @toptable). Twitter allows me to check in on all of the above (and more) in one quick and convenient location – all I need to do is log in.

Twitter, unlike Google works in ‘real time’ – for example, a few months ago I had a beauty appointment; while arriving to the salon there had been an accident and the road had been cornered off and I had to take a different route. In today’s day and age we want to know what happened and we want the info pronto. After my appointment I checked TwitterSearch to see if anyone posted about the incident and guess what? People had. I knew exactly what had happened in seconds and Twitter made it possible. Google wasn’t able to tell me b/c there wasn’t an archived story or article about it as it had just occurred.

Twitter in the purest form is meant to be used to update your followers on what you’re doing but it’s evolved into a sharing tool with people posting things they’re interested in (albeit books, movies, exhibits, clips, restaurants, quotes etc), recommendations and asking for advice – not sure what anti-aging cream you should you use? Just ask your followers. You’ll be surprised how quickly you’ll get a response.

It’s only as good as you make it. Follow people/companies you’re interested in and you’ll reap the benefits.

Kennedy – I took forward to debating this topic (and many others) in Vienna this weekend ;)

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