Monday, 13 October 2008

Ear Candling

Ever get the feeling that you have pressure built up in your ears? Have you ever felt like people around you can see the wax in your ears even if you Q-tipped yourself all morning? You are not alone. Being an open organ, your ear is susceptible to all kinds of bacteria and wax buildup that a Q-tip will never reach. Think about it, there is just a thin layer or hair (cilia) protecting your ear from the outside world. Is your ear getting itchy just thinking about it? Mine is.

I have heard of ear candling before however I was never brave enough to try it. My aunt swears by this old ritual wherein a lit candle is used to draw out the residue/wax in your ears. There are various techniques that vary in safety depending on what is lit (the candle or the wick) and where the candle is placed. The procedure costs about $25 for 45 minutes (you switch ears halfway through). Your ears are drained of everything and anything that has called it home for years. Apparently, this procedure feels amazing and leaves one astonished at what came out of their ears. Candling experts claim it cures everything from wax buildup to sinusitis and vertigo.

I went to a local spa to find out more about ear candling. I was told it is a very safe procedure that is even performed on babies. I was reluctant to book an appointment after doing some research and reading the following articles here and here.

Do the cons outweigh the pros? I guess I will have to read more and make an informed decision. I do know one thing. Ever since I have heard about this procedure, my ears have been aching to try it out. Hopefully I didn’t pass the urge onto you. Until next time…

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