Friday, 3 October 2008

Angry Annie: Walking, how hard could it be?

From the age of 2 we learn one of the most fundamental human instincts: walking. Why then, is it that most of my big city frustrations come from people who can’t walk properly? There are ‘silent’ rules or walking codes if you would, that I assumed (my fault I know) that everyone knew. I’m going to make it a little easier on everyone and just go over the basics so hopefully all of us (both slow and fast walkers, because we’re of a different bred) can coexist on the busy city sidewalks.

Eyes: It’s important to keep your head up and eyes looking ahead. I know some people are a little self-conscious but honestly no one is paying attention to you, they’ve got other things to worry about (harsh? maybe. True? definitely!) With your head up and eyes looking straight ahead (doesn’t need to be all the time, especially if you’re with others but for the majority of the time, yes please) you can easily see obstacles that could potentially be in your way – man on his blackberry, woman playing with her iPod…

Walk Right: Stay to the right of the sidewalk when walking. Think of it like you’re in a car, slow-pokes stay to the far right so the fast walkers can over take you. Please don’t swerve back and forth oblivious to the poor chap behind you trying to get by, it’s very annoying!

Stopping: Please for the love of god don’t stop in the middle of the sidewalk! People are trying to get places, if you must stop just pull over (either side will do). This leads me to my next point….

Entering/Exiting a Shop: Why do people choose the doorway to stop and wait in? Do you want to get run over? No, I didn’t think so why stand there. The thing to is, go outside and wait for your significant other, bff, or whoever, on either side of the entrance, not in it.

A couple days ago a co-worker read an article aloud that went a little something like this: the average person spends 4 years walking behind slow people. 4 years? Man that’s a huge chunk of my life. Just think about what you’ve accomplished in the last 4 years…..Now, I don’t know the particular source and boy do I wish I had the actual article because that is living proof that we all need to step it up a notch and pay attention when we walk.

What are your pet peeves of sidewalk crowders?

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