Thursday, 27 November 2008

Business Cards: How Important are they?

Answer: Very!

I’ve been with my company for nearly 3 years (in December) and I still don’t have business cards, even after countless attempts of pleading my case. Apparently I wouldn’t need one because I don’t have many meetings with external people– we have suppliers that we’ve been using since the dark ages, so why spend the money they say. This is true, I don’t usually meet new suppliers (my boss does) however when I do I’m left without a card to swap, in an awkward sort-of-way. I’m not the only one mind you, about half of all my coworkers don’t have one either. Why? Why would a company not spend a few hundred (not even) to give every employee their own business card? It’s a small gesture that signals that you’re part of a team and we’re proud to have you with us. But by not having a business card I feel left out and unsupportive. It’s the small things that make a difference and this is just one tiny thing that can be easily resolved with minimal costs exchanged for high moral.

For anyone in a similar situation may I present Moo Printing. They’re brilliant. They have mini and standard sized cards (among other things that they print) that you create yourself. You can either upload your own images for the front or choose form a wide range of designs that have already been created. You decide what info you want to have on it and that’s it – literally your card has been created. How easy was that?

Don’t feel left out at your next business meeting, be prepared.

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