Friday, 27 February 2009

£1 Charge for the Loo Pls

Did anyone read the Metro/news today? If you did, I’m sure you came across a disgusting article about Ryanair wanting to charge it’s passengers £1 to use the toilet. The airline’s chief executive, Michael O’Leary has been quoted saying that they’re trying to find ways to keep costs down so £1 will actually save you pennies in the long run. And that if the train stations can do it why couldn’t they?. I’m sorry but if I’m paying for a service –especially when I have no other option BUT to use their toilet- I don’t want to be worried about having a £1 coin. Flying in itself can be very uncomfortable for some and the added pressure and costs of this suggestion is utterly ridiculous! They already charge you for checking in luggage..which if you’re going for more than 5 days somewhere you ‘re likely to incur heavy penalty fees for this service.

‘According to the Civil Aviation Authority, which regulates the aviation industry in the UK, Ryanair would not be breaking the law by introducing the charge.’ How is this possible? Restaurants are required to provide a toilet to their patrons and you’re not even ‘trapped’ there! But in an air tight, nowhere else to go aircraft you’re going to be required to pay to use the loo. It’s mind boggling. Really.

I know what I’m doing - I am boycotting Ryanair. There service is crap anyway, they’re always late (based on my personal experience), the seats are uncomfortable and one would think that during the current economic climate the focus would be on ‘service’ and improving the experience, not hindering it. Let’s not take this lying down. Who’s with me?

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