Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Change Has Come...To America

Change has come to America. People are now interested again in politics. The first family is young, optimistic and hopeful. This change couldn’t happen at a better time as many Americans and citizens of the world have lost confidence in our neighbours, in our politicians and in our economy. We aren’t worrying about our next trip, or what size TV we are going to buy. We are worrying about our jobs and our future.

Despite the hard times, people are still somewhat optimistic as they put their faith and trust in a man who will lead them through the darkest days. This time, the president will get it right…right? We won’t be making jokes about Obama the way Bush was mocked for the past eight years. Or will we?

Here is a letter the Bush twins wrote to Obama’s daughters in the Wall Street Journal. When I read some excerpts of the letter, it gave me another look at the life of a presidential family. The Bush twins remind Obama’s daughters to not get lost in the man the public knows. To remember who their Dad really is. That’s weird, because I could have sworn America knew Mr. Bush really well. We saw him at his worse moments and his best. After eight years of press conferences, debates, elections and public appearances, we were pretty sure we knew who Mr. George Bush was. What we didn’t know, and will never know is what happened behind closed doors of the White House - the loneliness, the guilt, the apprehension and the regret. Feeling alone in a room full of people. Knowing that no matter how hard you try, you can’t please everyone. Being ridiculed and judged in front of the whole world, including your closest friends and family. I applaud the Bush twins for having the courage to publicly defend their father and letting the Obama girls know they may one day have to do the same:

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