Monday, 29 September 2008

Fashion forward?

They say that fashion is cyclical. Blow the dust off your Mom’s skinny belts and wide leg trousers from the 60-70s and you are ready to walk down the runway in 2008. It’s true…I wish I knew enough to save my Moms patent leather rain coats or pastel overcoats for my twenties. Why does style history repeat itself? Are we not creative enough? Are we short of good ideas and must look to the past?

Well …sort of. Also, fashion as some of you know follows the times. When “times” are good…fashion is colourful and flashy. Think the Roaring 20s. However, when times are tough..break out the sophisticated blouses, the high pants and the pencil skirts. For fashion week this year, designers are usually sticking with safe colours for more conservative looks. Or..they are filling the runways with bright hues displaying optimism and the hope for a better economy (fingers crossed).

Either way you look at it, since the early 1900s, fashion has always forecasted up and down turns in the economy. (Note to reader: I am not telling you to listen to Michael Kors over Mr Greenspan). However, it’s wise to pay attention to fashion trends as they are sure to indicate our future spending cycles.

Apparently, there weren’t many famous faces in attendance at Fashion week…another indicator that times are tough. Keep one eye on the runways this year ladies, I am not the only one who is noticing, “the times..they are a changin”:

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