Monday, 26 January 2009

Complainer's Corner

Why? Well, why not? How many times have you been dissatisfied with a situation, a place or a service? How often do you think about writing a letter or voicing your frustrations to someone? Do you do it? Or do you figure it’s a waste of time or that no one will listen/understand.

I used to think that way, in fact, sometimes I still do. Then I think about the next customer, the next person who forks out money for a hotel or an item, only to be as disappointed as I was. I believe with all the competition out there in various industries, companies have no choice but to be committed to customer service. After all, if we aren’t happy, it doesn’t take us long to go to the competition.

I consider myself a pretty loyal customer. I have favourite restaurants, shops and travel providers. I take any mishaps in stride most of the time. However, after years of dissatisfaction with certain companies, I have decided it is time to let some of them know what I , or better yet, what is really going on in the trenches. It is my duty as a consumer to keep them honest and let them know where they could improve. Sometimes I do it for a voucher or reimbursement. Most of the time, I do it for the next guy…aka you.

Keep tuned to this section for more upcoming info on complaining. Learn how to complain effectively and efficiently…things to say and how to say them. After all, not every letter goes unanswered.

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