Thursday, 8 January 2009

The Dreaded Resolution

What is it this year ladies? A promise to be nicer, fitter or more productive? More time for yourself? Or perhaps less negativity? Or my old fave: A resolution to not make any resolutions.

As gyms fill with new foodies promising to make exercise a daily routine, one must wonder why we even bother with resolutions? Psychologists say it takes around 21 days to make a task into a habit. Most of the new gymbies never stick it out until January 21st anyway.

So what’s your resolution? Or more importantly, how likely are you to keep it? Sometimes it’s easier to make resolutions/goals that can be broken down into sub goals. After all, you aren’t going to learn Spanish or the violin within a few months, without some time lines.

My three are very simple:
  1. More wine, less guilt…you cannot make everyone happy
  2. Do something everyday that scares me or pushes me to be more
  3. Always choose laughter and friends over other commitments
Cheesy? Yes, but completely attainable and DEFINITELY more worthwhile than depriving myself of cheesecake or shopping

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