Friday, 9 January 2009

Kicking Bad Habits

As the first full week back to work (after the holidays) is drawing to a close and most of December was spent thinking of others (running around ensuring everyone got their pressies in time…and that they liked them) I’ve decided to book myself a massage. Now, this just any other massage. Oh No! The masseuse uses hot stones (which have been picked from the coast of England and treated for smoothness) to help release the muscle tension then cold stones (we’re not talking ‘freezing’ here just chilled) are placed to help set the muscle and eliminate any soreness that’s usually caused when muscle tension is released, especially the next day – brilliant! I can’t wait.

I think this year should be about me! Not in a ‘spoiled-look-at-me way’ but more in the way to better myself as a human being. I’m starting with the stresses in my life (hence the massage) and will try to eliminate any bad habits by focusing on the good stuff and replacing them with good habits. Too vague? Check out this brilliant article that was posted by Tim Ferris on his blog about Leo Babauta’s ‘The Power of Less’ theory. I say we all try this – I’ve started with my personal email account. It’s a nasty habit I have. I check it. A lot. Especially at work. I’ve decided to cut back to 4 times a day – morning, lunch, after work and before bed. Even writing this makes me aware of how ridiculous it all is, and how I’ve left this habit consume my life.

What will you cut out of your life in 2009?

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