Friday, 7 November 2008

Ohhhh My Head

Today has been a rough day. I’m not asking for sympathy or anything (just sharing), lord (and my coworkers) know I did this to myself. You see, last night was spent entertaining business clients over from America. And you know what? I genuinely had a good time – they were friendly, funny and enjoyable. In fact I didn’t want the night to end. And so enters the numerous glasses of wine, half a hamburger and fries later (definitely not enough food!) and I woke this morning with the worst mid-week hangover EVER!

After reluctantly dragging my ass out of bed I stumbled down the stairs to make some toast. Yes, bread will help my queasy stomach. Next step, liquids, I need to refuel. I still didn’t feel well but had to get ready for work. Several times on the tube I thought I would need to get off….but luckily I made to work without to much of a struggle. Did I mention I had a conference call with two major companies at 11am? Oh yah, I forgot too. Luckily (or not) Outlook was kind enough to remind me. I did bring in a lunch (soup and salad) but put it on the backburner for Monday as I needed something a little less healthy – Chinese! Finally I felt HUMAN again.

Now I know most of the (medical) causes for hangovers. And today I’ve experienced most of the symptoms - dehydration, fatigue, headache, nausea, weakness, sensitivity to light and noise, erratic motor functions and lack of depth perception (check, check and oh um check!). But what I really want to know is what helps you get through your worst hangovers?

When I was living in Dublin, most of my Irish friends would eat chocolate bars and drink Lucozade (similar to Gatorade/Poweraid). I always find bread, water and Advil (oh and greasy Chinese food) really helps me. Fill me in, because I never want this to happen again but just incase I need a backup plan!

Have a great weekend and take it easy with the drink.

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