Monday, 24 November 2008

Tis the Season…

With Halloween behind us and the holidays fast approaching, I am slowly starting to make wish lists and think about what to get those around me for Christmas. It is so satisfying to be able to buy things for those that I love. Whether it be a GPS for my Mom who ALWAYS manages to get turned around, or a life for my roommate, who is so desperately searching for one. Isn’t it great to shop for and help others?

What about those who have no one to buy for? I am not necessarily talking about the homeless man you see every morning outside your work. Nor am I asking you to give money to another charity. I am talking about random acts of kindness that may not seem like a big deal to you, but hopefully will restore people’s faith in human kind.

For instance, the next time you are at a Tim Horton’s or another fast food drive thru, pay for the person behind you. Say What? You heard me…Well imagine the joy you would experience if when you went to pay for your coffee, you found out it was ALREADY paid for by someone you don’t even know in the car ahead of you. It only costs a couple bucks. But it can really make a difference in someone’s life.

The next time you are wishing for a new iPod (because you know..your last two are wayyy tooo old fashioned!) or a better and faster cell phone, wish again. Maybe you are being greedy..but who am I to judge? When you are buying or dreaming of gifts this year, think about others…the global impact in terms of waste of your new iPod. If everyone bought a new iPod this year, where do you think all those OLD ones go? Its ok though,I mean...that junk isn’t in YOUR backyard..right? Try to separate what you what from what you NEED. Not just for greed’s sake, but also to minimize the impact on the environment and your pocketbook.

Treat a friend to a random meal around the holidays for no particular reason. Or maybe package up some of your old favourite books and magazines and drop them off at a women’s shelter or an old folk’s home. You don’t have to know someone to give them a gift this year. In fact, you are really just giving the gift to yourself. There is no BETTER feeling than instilling joy in others and not feeling bad about the money you spent or where all the wrapping paper is going to end up.

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