Monday, 10 November 2008

Wee Fitter?

Ok I did it. I fell into the Wii hype. Well… we did. By us, I mean my boyfriend and me. He bought it. I played it. And boy, did I enjoy it. I tried to be skeptical and play devil’s advocate. I wasn’t about to be pulled into the never ending downward spiral of video games. I wasn’t going to go down that slippery slope from playing one game to spending my Friday nights in my living room glued to my TV screen.

Wii proved to be fun, stimulating and highly entertaining. Wii fit was the highlight of the device, as it made me feel a tad less guilty or lazy for playing. I quickly created a Mii character under my name (my virtual character had a profile of my weight, age, height and BMI). After completing two balance tests, I eagerly awaited my Wii age. Fortunately, Wii Fit thinks I have the body of a 21 year old. My boyfriend (aged 26) was not so lucky…Wii thinks he is about 42. Sorry I couldn’t help but laugh. Anyway I went through the routine of aerobics, strength training and yoga. I was surprised at how quickly the time went and how fun it was. Lunges that seemed easy yesterday at the gym were painful as I strived to keep my center of balance in the small yellow circle. Just when I was about to give up and finish for the day, my progress had unlocked more exercises…sooo addictive.

Anyway, I skipped yesterday as I got (fake) busy. When I returned this morning to play…my instructor KNEW I had skipped a day…grr. I was MILDLY lectured and questioned as to why I missed a day of fitness. Guilt brought me to the Wii game and guilt forced me to continue more and more exercises until I was quite tired. It may not be the equivalent of a gym workout. In fact, Wii fit is highly criticized for its actual health benefits. I am not sure as to how helpful it is yet. However, it does serve to get me (and my 42 year old boyfriend) off the couch. It motivates you to relieve stress, work your muscles and tone your core (thereby improving your balance, posture and muscle tone). I recommend trying it out before you buy it as it may interfere in your life a weee bit more than you thought.

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