Monday, 3 November 2008

Fruits of A Passion

You may wonder what the above two people have in common or what they are doing together on our webpage. One man, Barack Obama is leading the US election and may be the first African American President. The other, Warren Miller, is a skier and famous movie producer/creator of Warren Miller films. Both men have achieved great things in their respective realms.

Warren Miller’s true passion and greatest love is to ski. Realizing he needed to make a living, he decided to turn his passion into a profession. With no money and no equipment, he dreamed of filming movies of him and his friends performing ski tricks on the hills of US resorts. Warren went from sleeping in his car and eating whatever he could to get by to owning his own film production company that has successfully produced ski and extreme sports films for over 50 years. Skiers and other athletes dream of being in a Warren Miller film. People of all ages have been discovered and launched their career by performing a stunt in one of his many amazing films. Warren was able to realize his dream and the dreams of many other athletes by sticking to his passion. As he grew older, Warren’s passion for skiing translated into other passions. His passion for the environment, his passion for athlete development…and last but not least..his passion for entrepreneurship. Warren oversees his foundation that specializes in the development of future entrepreneurs from all walks of life. Warren has inspired people from all over the world for his ability to follow his dreams and foster the dreams in others.

Barack Obama has been busy inspiring others for the majority of his life. Coming from modest means, he was able to get an Ivy League education and be elected to the US Senate. How’s that for achieving dreams? Running for US President has had many challenges that haven’t fazed Obama. He stands apart from past presidential nominees for his ability to reach beyond politics and inspire citizens to be the best that they can be. People who normally did not pay attention to their leaders in the past, are standing up and taking notice of this man who instills a feeling of hope and passion in all. Whoever thought that in spite of all the economic turmoil and chaos in North America, citizens would be hopeful of their future president? Voters are turning out in record numbers…Republican states are turning blue. History Is being made as we speak not just because of Obama but because people are believing in themselves and their abilities again. No matter what the result may be, this US election will be one for the record books; mainly due to one man’s ability to inspire an entire nation. And the craziest thing is…he isn’t even done dreaming. Oh the fruits of passion!

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