Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Complainer's Corner

First there was the letter I sent to Air Transat over a completely ruined vacation last December. Okay, maybe not completely ruined..but def not a 5 star. After writing customer service and then taking my valid complaints directly to the CEO, I received $200 in vouchers for my trouble. Thanks…but really…why am I going to fly/travel with you again after so many mistakes that you are only NOW admitting to? Moreover, I will have to spend at least $600 to spend the $200 in vouchers to go anywhere.

Lets see if Sunwing is any better than AirTransat. My boyfriend had a whole slew of issues with them on his last trip to Vegas. I know, I am at the slight risk of sounding very high maintenance. Anyway, what’s a good girlfriend to do? Well…I wrote his complaint letter (a great one…even better than the Air Transat letter). It was a good mixture of mean and funny…we will see what happens. Maybe we will get another $200 voucher from Sunwing…do you think we can sell them on Ebay…what makes companies think we would use a voucher and open ourselves up to yet another horrible experience? I know, I know..its a tax write off thing a ma bob..I will keep you posted

While on the subject…or rant. I must fit a little bit here regarding American Express. I have a platinum Aeroplan card with them. I have never defaulted on any credit card payments and have an amazing credit rating. I just paid off full balance less than two weeks ago. I had about $3500 on the card as of this morning. I have been racking up mad biz expenses and my company has been slow on the reimbursement side. Anyway, I got a call this morning to tell me I must pay off my $3500 balance today or my card will decline. Thanks…you know for telling me this before I am in the middle of Manhattan tomorrow with no form of payment. Apparently although there is no limit to this credit card (which I knew) and as long as you are making your monthly payments (which I was/am), there shouldn’t be a problem right? But there was and there is…its called AGEISM. What is a 26 year old doing with a $3500 balance every two weeks…she must not be able to pay that off right? We better call her before her spending gets out of hand…really? Really? Of course we wont assume that she has a job that requires her to charge a lot of travel expenses each week? After years of complete irresponsibility and greed…you are coming after me for $$? Ain’t that rich? (pot..hello…its kettle)

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