Monday, 13 April 2009

Put Me In Your Suitcase...NYC Baby!!

Remind me again why I have never been to the Big Apple? It’s only a quick one hour flight from Toronto and one could easily spend a week there and never be bored. I crammed a week’s worth of shopping, eating and sightseeing into 3 days this past weekend…wow!. They say you either love or hate NYC…I don’t know how anyone could hate a city busting with entertainment and sights. Sure there are a lot of people AND a lot of dirt everywhere..but where else can you buy a knock off designer purse, eat amazing street meat/foods and enjoy the peace and quiet of greenery in a city with millions of people. For all of New York’s problems and issues, one only needs to spend a day doing the few things listed below to get a bite of the apple.
1. Roosevelt Island City Tram – a four minute ($2) ride on a tram line from 59th street to Roosevelt Island via the Queensboro bridge tramway. Not for those scared of heights, this ride is well worth the time and money as it offers amazing panoramic views of Manhattan. Roosevelt Island also is great for a quiet stroll and view of the Manhattan skyline.
2. Top of the Rock – forget the Empire State Building. The Rockefeller building offers breathtaking views of the city as well as a picturesque glance of the Chrysler building and the Empire State building. For only $20, one can take a ride to the observation deck and experience the cold breeze as they overlook the city below…best $20 I have spent in a LONG TIME.
3. St Paul’s Chapel – NYC is full of beautiful churches – Trinity, St Patricks, etc. However, due to its proximity to the World Trade Center, St Paul’s Chapel has a unique history as being one of the places that held and treated victims of 9/11. One cannot walk around this church and look at the artifacts and tributes to the heroes and the fallen without feeling chills down their spine. This place captures the feeling of a day when so many strangers came together to lift the city back up onto its feet again.
4. Century 21, Loehmans etc – Manhattan is nothing without its vibrant shopping life. Personally, I refuse to fork over the $$ required to buy anything on Fifth Avenue. However, I do recommend visiting these two stores for similar duds at lower prices. Just be prepared for a lot of shoving and aggressiveness as many women cannot contain themselves at the thought of a building with 4 floors of deals…watch out!

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