Friday, 3 April 2009

Put Me In Your.....Washroom

I’ll admit it. I’m a product whore. It’s true! I always get suckered into a good marketing campaign (you’d think I wouldn’t as my expertise is in Marketing but meh what can you do?). Reduces the signs of wrinkles in an hour…sure I’ll take 2 please. Promises to make your pout look more kiss-alicious, bring it on! I know, it’s horrible but I can’t help myself. Last weekend whilst visiting a friend in York we ended up in Boots (similar to Shoppers Drug Mart for all our Canadian readers) and an hour later we left with nearly half the store and lighter wallets! So how do you know what to believe and what to stay away from? Testimonials are always useful (especially from friends)….allow me to introduce some products that every girl should have in their washroom (if not their handbag!). Tried, test and true to their words, these products don’t have any gimmicks or tricks they perform as expected every time. Without further ado, here are some of my favourites and things I can’t live without (well I could but I really wouldn’t want to….unless I was backpacking or the like):

Bio-Oil – I’ve only just discovered this, but it hasn’t left my washroom since. It’s reduces the appearance of scares & uneven skin tones, prevents stretch marks (ie. during pregnancy, adolescence & weight loss) & aids with dehydrated, wrinkled or aged one word it’s: AMAZING! How can one product do all this you ask? Easy check out the ingredients they’re all natural and contains no water plus it contains PurCellin Oil which allows Bio-Oil to be non-greasy and absorb quickly.

EA’s 8 Hour Cream – This multi-tasking beauty balm protects & embellishes your skin. It was created in 1930 by Miss Arden herself so to say it’s tried the test of time is an understatement…it’s a legend! It’s great for flying and helps nourish your skin and protect it from dehydration it can also be used to highlight facial areas – great for eyes, cheeks and lips for that all natural look/glow

Lancôme’s Juicy Tubes – This amazing lip gloss comes in loads of subtle colours that give your lips that extra punch while nourishing and actually lasting. It’s great for both day & night looks.

BS Body Butter
– This rich, thick lovely smelling cream really works. Perfect for maintaining your suntan or for the winter months. I love the coconut flavour - is this the right word? Maybe scent would be better…either way I love this stuff.

What beauty product could you not live without?

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