Friday, 5 September 2008

Angry Annie…but not all the time

I thought I’d share something that I actually enjoy about the commute to/from work. I know can you believe it? It’s true there are some things I actually enjoy, even look forward to. Don’t get me wrong they’re not life altering or anything major like that just simple (little) things that make me smile and really a smile can sometimes be all it takes to change this angry Annie into her normal loving self again.

I live in between two tube stops – Clapham Common and Clapham North. I usually grab the tube in the morning from Clapham Common, the reason is simple, it’s less busy (don’t get confused in thinking there aren’t many people on the platform or that the train itself isn’t busy because it is, oh it is. It’s just that it’s less busy, that’s all). I don’t dare try to get on at Clapham North as I’ve heard horror stories of having to travel backwards in order to actually get on a train (these people do not go to Clapham North anymore). But when I return home I get off at Clapham North (because it’s actually closer to my house); and it is there that I find my smile again. First off they play classical music (lovely!), secondly they always have a new ‘quote of the day’ listed on a board so you can read it while you’re going up/down the escalators and thirdly one of the gates literally makes the noise ‘woohoo’ when you’re entering the station!! How could that not make you smile?

What makes you smile during the hectic commute to work?

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