Monday, 8 September 2008

Shopping was easy...until I met you

If you can identify with my article, or better yet, my RANT on women and guilt, here’s another issue you may be able to relate to: guilt and shopping. I am pretty sure I just shuddered at the fact that I used them both in the same sentence. New Rule: One should never feel guilty for shopping. Yet, women ALWAYS feel guilty for our small (or not so small) indulgences. There was an article this month in Chatelaine about how women feel guilty for shopping for themselves. But when it comes to dropping a Borden or a Benjamin on their friends or family…NO PROBLEM!

I couldn’t agree more. Why are we feeling guilty for buying things for ourselves? We work hard and that means we should play hard. C’est correct??. Ok, but there are times when we CLEARLY have to buy for other people. Unfortunately, there are some people that have everything, or some that are just too picky. Here are some gift ideas that I have used in the past....feel free to add to my list:

  1. Magazine Subscriptions – a year’s worth of Vogue for your fashion victim best friend or a Food magazine subscription for your mother in law…the gift that keeps on giving (especially if it means, next holiday, your MIL’s chicken has some juice to it!)

  1. Maid for a day – go to Molly Maid and get your loved one a day or a fixed dollar amount of cleaning..redeemable whenever…while you are on the site…buy yourself one.

  1. Lessons/Classes – Is your friend an aspiring artist? Does your boyfriend need French lessons to be promoted at work? Whatever the class or lesson may be, consider enrolling your friend in a course at a local college or agency. Some community centers offer discounted lessons for citizens of that municipality. If you and your friend are short on quality time, enroll together.

  1. Trip Bucket – Do you have a Jessica in your life? Someone who frequently travels all over the globe? Put together a bucket for their next destination. Travel books, travel containers, maps and phone cards are all great ideas to get you started. Sorry Jessica, this is NOT what will be arriving on your doorstep on the 16th of February.

  1. Designer for a day – Whether it be interior decorating, or personal style..everyone needs help now and then. There are some websites where you can solicit professionals to spend a day with your friend and give professional help/advice. Ok, some might take it as an insult, so tread lightly. Either way, its an idea for those that have everything.

  1. Gift Cards – This isn’t the traditional gift certificate idea. Ok, maybe it is..but just a little. Forget clothing and music certificates. How about gas cards, CAA memberships, Aeroplan/Airmiles donations or gift cards for dinners, resorts and plays. It may seem like an easy choice, but take it from me, not many people would turn down a gas card right now.

The best part of all these gift ideas, is that they enhance your friend’s life. You can buy your father another sweater, or your nephew another video game. For those that are trying to discourage unwanted materialism, these ideas are speaking to you.

Kristyn xo

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