Friday, 5 September 2008

Rommate Corner: Cleaning a Foreign Concept

Dear Rhonda,

You can tidy your room ALL you want. You can organize your books by first letter, last letter or colour. You can even change the pictures in your lame picture frames. But that does not a clean room make. When did tidying become cleaning? If I can trace my name in the dust around your bathroom sink, I probably won’t stay long enough to admire your book collection.

Why do you always talk about how you can’t handle the mess? Is it because your personal life is so disorganized and messy? Ok, that jab was unfair…but seriously, I don’t get it. Have you no idea where or what the vacuum is? I am only left to guess that your Mom or Dad never made you clean the house, well aren’t you lucky?? Its time to call in the reinforcement….the backup so to speak……Mama's Helper…to pick up where jo mamma left off.

Love always,

Kristyn xox

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