Wednesday, 17 September 2008

Doing Your Part

Going Green doesn’t have to break the bank. The little things we do from day-to-day could be the most damaging to this planet we call home. Here are some easy tips that hopefully you’ll find painless to implement but will make an impact…

1. Bring your own bags shopping. Here in the UK most of the grocery stores will either reward you for bringing your own bags (store points) or in fact charge you for using theirs. Right, so you don’t want to bring in your wrinkled old, smelly bags back to the store, fine, I get you. Plus we’re women and we need to look stylish, at all times. RuMe bags are reusable and durable but don’t compromise on style. And if that wasn’t enough, they fold up to fit perfectly in any handbag.

2. Pack your lunch using Tupperware instead of plastic bags. Have you seen the different types of Tupperware cases that are out there? Gone are the days of leaking salad dressing and smelly tuna purses. If you don’t bring your lunch to work but go to fast food joints bring a Tupperware with you and ask the cashier to place your order in it. A friend and co-worker would do this all the time. We’d go to Subway and she’d whip out her container and get them to pack her sub in it – brilliant!
On a similar note (but oh so similar) why not bring a travel mug to your favourite coffee house instead of using their cups?

3. Go paperless on your bank/credit card statement and utilities bills. Most companies allow its clients to view their accounts online…just make sure to check it regularly!

4. Unplug your stuff when you’re not using it. Here in the UK we have on/off switches for the sockets making it a lot easier to save electricity. Also, make sure to take your stereo, PC or TV off stanby when you’re out

5. Save your fruit….most people feel the need to throw out their soon-to-bad fruit but these can easily be placed in the freezer for a later date when you have the time to make that perfect banana bread (a recipe will be coming soon – so no excuses…watch this space), apple cake, peach cobbler etc….

6. Start a reading group (not to be confused with a Book Club). We all want to stay in touch so why not gather some of your friends w/ similar interests and share subscriptions – For example if Kristyn and I were to do this she’d probably get Economics and Times while I’d get Vogue and Cosmo then we’d swap mid-month. If you’re not keen on starting a ‘group’ just pass it on – give your mag to someone on the subway, family or friends.

Have a green tip? Go on share it with us

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