Tuesday, 16 September 2008

A pit-bull with lipstick on

Have you paid any attention to the US election these days? Well if you reside in North America, you cannot help but catch some of the gossip out there. It has been inspiring watching this election progress as more and more young people become motivated to vote and serve their country. I was slowly beginning to think that the U.S was REALLY going to do something good for a change. I had hopes (like many outsiders or residents of different countries) that American voters were going to finally see past biases and bullshit, past party lines and CNN gossip. I am starting to think I was very wrong.

I promised myself that I wouldn’t write anything in this blog about the US Election. Hasn’t there been enough coverage already? However, being a women’s blog, I had to comment on the Sarah Palin issue.

We have come so far as women since we fought for the right to vote. We now are closer to earning the same wages as our male counterparts. We have proven time and time again that we can balance our work and private lives. Yet we seem to want more. Do we want everyone in every corner of the earth to rally behind us as we surpass every man on earth? What happened to just being equals? Why do women feel the need to keep hammering the message to the rest of society that we are better?

It’s ignorant and egotistical to even talk about one gender being better than the other. What are we teaching our children or our neighbors about us when we are constantly trying to one up the other? This is the very issue that may let Sarah Palin slip right into the White House. She is a heartbeat (a 72 year old man’s faint heartbeat) away from the most powerful office in the world. She may get to that position not because she is smart, experienced, credible or worthy. She is FAR from any of those things. She will get the position because she will ride on the coattails of those before her. She will plead to the women vote..the vote that says..its OUR turn for the White House. After all..we CLEARLY deserve it.

It makes me cringe the way she uses her gender and her role as mother to get the women vote. “Hey..look at me..I am a mother”. Yes…well…. if you were that great of a mother..you wouldn’t be parading your kids around. You would know that they shouldn’t be in the limelight to serve your selfish wishes. If you actually KNEW about foreign affairs, health care and the economy, you wouldn’t need to play up your gender and talk endlessly about being a woman. You wouldn’t have to “lean” on your gender to get the sympathy of others. The worst part of all is that women are eating this shit up. They are so blinded by her gender, they can’t see her for the redneck lying conservative that she is. Her only presidential-like quality is that she is tough. She likens her tough hockey mom personality to a pit-bull with lipstick. When you talk about being a pit-bull with lipstick on…educated women such as me don’t buy it. After all, as my mother says, “if you have to talk about it so much, you don’t got it”

Sarah: When you start talking tough on issues (instead of about lipstick) and have something ELSE on your resume besides small town mayor and mother of five, maybe then, and only then, the rest of us WOMEN will take interest.

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