Friday, 27 March 2009

Angry Annie & The Rain

I’ve been living in the UK for over 2 years now (actually come to think of it, it’s almost 3 now! Wow time flies). London has a (bad) reputation for being one of the rainiest cities in the world – it sure feels like it most days! But a quick search on BBC weather would prove this theory to be incorrect. Don’t believe me? Let’s compare London vs Toronto. See I told you so. I couldn’t believe it either. As the UK is such a small island (in the Atlantic) the air is naturally more moist than larger country and cities found inland (ie. Toronto) My hair was really affected (and still is I guess) when I first moved here – it couldn’t be tamed, no straightener, comb/brush or hair product would relieve it of it’s frizz! Horrible, I didn’t even know you could have that many bad hair days in a year. I even had a friend come to visit who gave up after a few days – it’s that bad for people who have naturally wavy hair.

I’ve become a little wiser in my veteran years of living here and have come to terms with the different (b/c there are many) levels of rainfalls experienced by Britons all the time and how to deal with it. Let me explain:

–consists of fast little drops that are very deceiving – it’s doesn’t warrant an umbrella (you just end up looking silly, but oh how you want to use it!) but if you’re not covered you’ll get wet. Quickly. It occurs mostly during fall and spring. Solution: Instead of an umbrella I wear a hat so my hair maintains it’s style and remains dry.

– consists of large drops falling at a normal pace. This is your typical (not very exciting) rainfall. Solution: Use your umbrella close to your head – it really sucks sharing an umbrella with someone. Am I the only one who thinks this? Even though I complain every time I share one with my bf we still continue to do so….

Heavy – consists of large drops falling fast. I try to avoid this as best I can as it’s usually windy here as well ; which results in the awkward inside out umbrella and me getting wet. Solution: hat & umbrella (and a lot of hairspray!). Trust me you’ll need both

– Abundant drops, falling hard and fast. Oh this is my favourite (not!) you literally need to say inside until it clears…that is of course unless you prefer getting wet, then by all means. I’ve spend a many lunches waiting for the rain to stop so I could grab my lunch.

The worst part about the rain here is that it seems to rain most days right around lunchtime like clockworks. It’s mad!

What are you solutions for fighting the rain?

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shanda said...

Hi Angry Annie & The rain, I love your breakdown and necessary defense attire for those wonderful wet days!!! I noticed that your solution was all about the hair and getting must really have a hard time with your hair!!!! My suggestion for getting through those rainy days is not only for the top but inbetween and down below. I put on my sweet rain coat and cute wellies (rainy day invincibility boots) and off I go!!!! I love the rain when I am prepared. The grass is green and the flowers bloom!!!