Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Fragrance Consultation: Review

A few weeks ago I had a fragrance consultation at Roja Dove Haute Parfumerie in Harrods. I’m not the overindulging type but this, this was money well spent (not mine exactly. The consultation was given to me a xmas gift). After a little confusion as to where exactly it was on the 5th floor I found myself sitting at the most pleasant of tables in a quiet room, surrounded by pillows and fragrance bottles. Let the journey begin; I was keen to find my ‘signature’ scent. The consultation evaluates your perceptions and preferences based on a few specifically designed questions by Roja Dove himself. For those of you (like myself beforehand) who don’t know who Roja Dove is; he is ‘considered the world’s leading fragrance authority’ and is the sole ‘Professeur de parfums’; in short, I was in very good hands. After the quiz it was time to get cracking, clear your nose and get smelling. I was given fragrance samples (all branding/names were hidden from me so I couldn’t be bias) and had to eliminate them down to 2 – this was extremely hard! My expert was very quick to throw out the scents that didn’t make the cut but as he was controlling which ones I would get next I couldn’t risk the possibility of discarding a possible goodie. So I asked for a side panel for the ‘maybes’ this was embraced nicely and we were able to continue (phew!). When I finally narrowed it down to 2, it then took me a further 15 minutes to determine which one smelt better on me……

I found it and now I smell lovely! Not that I didn’t before mind you but this is something I never would have found on my own. The whole experience was very educational (as you learn about top notes and undertones), a bit glam and fun. I’d highly recommend going to a fragrance consultation if you’re bored with your current scent and you’re like me and get overwhelmed will all the possibilities or you’re looking for a change. For the amount of time and effort we spend on our wardrobe to reflect our personalities we should at least be wearing something that also compliments it through scent.

What? Did you expect me tell you what perfume I bought? Yah right, I’ll never tell – it’s mine! Ha ha.

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